Modern Devices For Cholesterol Measurement

Modern cholesterol meters are portable, convenient, differ in high precision. Results of analysis are got quicly; data remain in the built-in memory of the device. It is possible to analyze dynamics of disease and to change the scheme of treatment, considering biochemical changes in blood.

Measurement of cholesterol at home conditions is very convenient. It isn’t necessary to address for prescription to the therapist, to visit polyclinic and to take a blood test from a vein for analysis.

Function of cholesterol level measurement is provided in many models of glucometer well familiar to diabetics.

We will consider the most popular and exact devices:

- Multipurpose portable system of “Easy Made”. It operates on the basis of an electrochemical method of measurement. The minimum quantity of blood is used. Level of cholesterol is known in 120 seconds. Also the content of glucose (the result is ready for 5 seconds later) and urinary acid is measured.

- The analyzer “Easy Touch” controls the level of cholesterol, glucose, hemoglobin. Results are ready in some seconds, blood sampling minimum.

- Biochemical analyzer “Accutrend Plus” of German production. It defines glucose, lactate, triglycerides, low density lipoproteins, cholesterol. Operation is based on the analysis of light reflected from test strips. The device is equipped with big enough liquid crystal display.

- Portable “Multi Care” express-analyzer carries out measurements of cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucoses. The device has a big enough display, memory can store 500 measurements. Results can be transferred to the computer.

Sexual Disorders And Cholesterol

The human body has such a construction that if something starts going wrong in it in some time everything gradually goes wrong.

 The same can be said about cholesterol in a blood. At the increased content of cholesterol not only blood vessels suffer. Vessels feed with oxygen all organism and influence on all organs. Including genitals.

Influence of cholesterol on human sexual health is well investigated. The level of this substance influences on female sexuality. The more cholesterol, the more weak sexuality is. High level of cholesterol is harmful not only to women. Rising of its contents in blood can cause an erectile dysfunction for men. It isn’t strange at all; genitals are supplied with blood, as well as all other systems through blood system vessels. When vessels “are clogged” with cholesterol, blood flows in them more slowly, genitals are supplied worse with it and, as a result, “work” worse.

32% of patients suffering from sexual disorders have the increased content of cholesterol in blood. At that, psychological aspects of libido actually are not changed. But physical sexual capacities of these patients are considerably depressed. For sexuality increase physicians recommend to apply nutritional supplements or medicines which reduce production of cholesterol by organism, keep a healthy lifestyle, go in for sports. You’re your sexual life will be full and deep.

Probucol In Treatment Of Cholesterol High Level

At treatment of people with genetic predisposition to rising of maintenance of cholesterol content in a blood diets and food additives often are not helpful. High-technology medicines prescription is necessary. Probucol is one of such medicines. It should be taken continuously; the medical effect develops within the first two months. The beginning of action is on 7-14th day of drug intake.

Probucol slows down the formation in organism of “bad” cholesterol; it also reduces the absorption of cholesterol which arrives with nutrition. It restores the system of antioxidant protection, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Probucol is prescribed to adult per oral, twice a day in a dose of 250 mg (as a rule with breakfast and a dinner).

This medicine is usually well transmitted however for some patients dyspepsia is possible. Probucol doesn’t cause formation of gallstones; on the contrary, it strengthens fecal excretion of bile acids. Therefore, the especially useful this medicine will be to patients having a predisposition to development of gallstone disease.

Probucol can’t be applied at pregnancy or during lactation period. It should be prescribed by the doctor.

Probucol shouldn’t be taken by people who recently have had myocardial infarction, suffering from ventricular arrhythmias.

Preparations of probucol have a lot of commercial names: Bifenabid, Lesterol, Lipomal, Lorelkol, Luizosterol, Lurselen, Sinlestan, Superlipid, Fenbutol. All of them have the same active ingredient, differences are just in manufacturer and price.

Polyunsaturated Fats In Atherosclerosis Treatment

The unsaturated acids advantage for improvement of a ratio in a blood of cholesterol and other fats is accurately proved. Acids which contain in cod-liver oil are of the greatest value.

Polyunsaturated omega-3 fat acids are oxidized with ease at contact with air, action of light. To get a high-quality cod-liver oil is rather difficult. Also for prevention ahead of time oxidation in organism of fatty acids it is recommended to use them together with vitamin E. If the specified conditions are not observed, the attempt of treatment of an atherosclerosis with polyunsaturated fat acids can even by harmful.

The most important product containing unsaturated fatty omega 3acids is a cod-liver oil received from the fishes living in cold seas: mackerels, salmon, sardine. A good source is also a linseed oil.

About 5 g of cod-liver oil daily is recommended to take. It has to be packed into capsules, be stored in dark bottles, impenetrable for light. The producer has to specify the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Popular medicine Mega-plus Omega 3 meets all these requirements. Excessively strong smell and rancid taste evidences about expiration of preparation storage.

It is good to add to cod-liver oil a tablespoon of not rancid linseed oil received from reliable medical sources. Vitamin E should be taken in daily doses usual for the corresponding age.

Cerebral Atherosclerosis

Blood vessels atherosclerosis is a dangerous and widespread complication of increased cholesterol level. At emergence of its first symptoms it is necessary to begin full treatment immediately. Perhaps, a surgical intervention will be required.

Vessels intima of brain is damaged. Round sclerotic plaques the connecting tissue expands, on vessel walls calcium salts accumulate that leads to narrowing of clearance which can “be overgrown” completely.

Cerebral atherosclerosis is shown by changes in mentality of person. Working capacity drops, fatigability grows. Hyper excitability is a result of disease. Cerebral atherosclerosis is a main reason of sleeplessness in the night and daytime sleepiness.

At slow progress of cerebral atherosclerosis giddiness accrues, there are exhausting headaches, sweating and face reddening, flicker of points before eyes, tinnitus, gait with slight lameness. Sometimes the absurdity features of character become aggravated: diligence turns into greediness, accuracy turns into a pedantry, pride develops into egoism.

Memory disorder is very specific to this disease. Events of recent time are forgotten generally, and long ago passed the patient remembers to the smallest details but can tell what happened many years ago or in his childhood.

In combination with a hypertonia atherosclerosis can cause a cerebral hemorrage, paralysis that can lead the patient to death.

Abdominal Aorta Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis of aorta abdominal region arises among the first complications of increased cholesterol level in an organism. Danger of disease is that at initial stages it is practically not distinguished, complaints of the patient are absent. When the state worsens there is an abdominal pain of various intensity that depends on the volume of vessels lesion. There is a feeling of gravity and dyspepsia:  appetite loss, excessive flatulency, weight loss.

Development of abdominal aorta atherosclerosis leads to more terrible complications. The most dangerous is aneurysm. This is a uniform bottle-shaped expansion of whole vessel with a thinning of its walls or local “protruding” aorta wall.

Such patients have nagging pains in stomach; they are localized in the left half of stomach or near umbilicus, sometimes in loin, seldom inguinal area. Pains begin from attack-like usually right after meal, then in two-three hours stop without assistance.

Feeling of pulsation in stomach is a one more diagnostic criterion. Pulsation is stronger than normal, and is followed by feeling of a overflow. Aneurisms are annually enlarged by 5 mm, also they are dangerous with rupture bringing in many cases to lethal outcome.

Inabdominal aorta atherosclerosis treatment statins are applied and preparations of nicotinic acid, fibrates. Besides the basic treatment antioxidants, estrogens, antagonists of calcium are widely used.

Reduction Of Blood Cholesterol Content Without Any Drugs

Everybody knows about danger of raised blood cholesterol content. To reduce its level is a dream of many people. Special medicines are too expensive, they have side effects, the result of their reception is often worse than it was expected. Patients suffering of atherosclerosis can apply simple and checked time-proved methods which even will give a person some pleasure.

It is possible to increase the level of “good” and to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol by means of an exercise stress. Physical exercises reduce a predilection of arteries to form cholesterol plaques. The blood is cleared from the excessive fat supplied by food. When fats aren’t stay for a long time in blood vessels, they have no chances to be deposited on walls.

The most useful exercise for prevention of atherosclerosis is jogging. It rapidly clears arteries from excessive fat. But ordinary physical work in the open air is also very useful. Even the gymnastics and dances bring benefit for atherosclerosis patients, and cheering up bringing them feeling of pleasure and happiness.

Diet is also an important component of fight against atherosclerosis. The daily use of several cups of qualitative green tea reduces the content of blood cholesterol on15%. Tea contains special substances – flavonoids which strengthen vascular capillaries, reduce the content of harmful lipids.

For a long time juice therapy has been applied to reduce the level of cholesterol without any drugs. Dietarians incidentally found its ability to reduce the content of fats in blood. They prescribe to take combinations: carrot juice with cucumber and beet, and celery juice.

Cholesterol And Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease characterized by increased levels of blood glucose. By itself, diabetes is one of the most dangerous factors that contribute to the development of atherosclerosis. The fact that diabetes gives the body all the known types of exchanges: from fat to carbohydrate. Furthermore, such atherogenic factors as hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, tendency to thrombosis also forms diabetes. In conjunction with increased levels of cholesterol in the blood diabetes becomes “explosive mixture”, the consequences of which no one knows.

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“Good” and “bad” cholesterol

For a long time it was thought that any cholesterol in the blood – is evil, give rise to the appearance of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels and as a result, the development of a number of serious diseases. “In fashion” were even bezholesterinovye diet.
However, after a certain time, the scientists were able to establish the presence in the blood as “bad” or “good” cholesterol. And it turned out that for the treatment and prevention of various diseases little to reduce the amount of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, it is also necessary to maintain a “good” at the proper level.
Thus, we consider in more detail.

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Cholesterol And Lifespan

Studies by the American Medical Association showed that there is a certain relationship between the content of cholesterol in the blood and life of man. Work was carried out in a homogeneous group of European Jews between the ages of 95 to 105 years. And that’s what has been found.
In humans, there is a certain gene CETP – longevity gene. He is responsible for the movement of cholesterol in the blood by special particles. The larger the particles, the more useful to the body. Because the fine particles that carry cholesterol easily penetrate the walls of the various vessels and arteries, facilitating the deposition of fat in them. As a result – a variety of heart attacks and strokes.

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