Cholesterol And Pregnancy

Changes faced by a woman’s body during pregnancy, affects all systems of life, does not remain on the sidelines and lipid metabolism. High cholesterol and fats in the blood of pregnant women are so common indicator that is considered the norm.
In early pregnancy, usually cholesterol decreases slightly. This change occurs at up to 12 weeks. In the future, closer to the birth, cholesterol begins to grow rapidly. After delivery, within two months of cholesterol in the body of a woman comes back to normal without any intervention on the part of doctors. Especially quickly restored cholesterol background among women who are breastfeeding. And children who were breastfed tend to be significantly less likely to have hypercholesterolemia in adulthood.

Medication cholesterol in the blood of pregnant women do not reduce. So how great the risk of various pathologies of the child. However, a diet containing minimal amounts of cholesterol, doctors are advised to adhere to. We should not rush to extremes and completely excluded from the diet of cholesterol-containing foods. The diet should be selected and designed in such a way as to get useful trace elements, vitamins and other substances was sufficient for the normal course of pregnancy and fetal development.
It is not necessary for pregnant abused garlic, as a means of lowering cholesterol in the blood, especially in the last stages. The fact that garlic reduces blood clotting, which is dangerous when different kinds of ruptures and bleeding during childbirth.
High cholesterol in the blood can cause a pregnant woman high blood pressure, edema. Low cholesterol can also perform factor triggering premature labor.