Diet For High Cholesterol

The aim of dietary food at an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood – a conclusion from the body of excess “bad” cholesterol and prevention of atherosclerotic pathologies. The assigned task is carried out with the help of eating a specific set of products.
The main principle of the diet is the reduction or suspension of fatty foods, foods containing saturated fatty acids, as well as products rich in cholesterol. It is also recommended to reduce the intake of salt, animal fats to replace the plant.

The daily menu of the patient must be present products with a high content of fiber (whole grains, whole wheat bread), polyunsaturated fatty acids, a variety of useful trace elements and vitamins.
Limiting the intake of saturated fatty acids in the diet should be as far as possible to give up butter, with a high-cheeses, ice cream, whole milk, cream, pork.
The list of healthy foods that are recommended for regular use in the diet are fish, lean meats (preferably poultry or veal), soybeans, walnuts, various cereals, bran, and as the drinks – green tea.
The positive effect will bring eating minced garlic. It operates according to the type of aspirin – dilutes the blood and prevents the formation of clots and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
Should also limit the use of natural brewed coffee.
Among vegetables Pay special attention to the carrots, eggplant, peppers, beans and dill.