Possible Consequences Of Low Blood Cholesterol

Great danger to the health and even the life of a person carries a lowering cholesterol in the blood. If we compare the mortality rates in hypercholesterolemia and hypocholesterolemia, then forced to note that low levels of cholesterol in the blood causes death in three to four times more often than the high level.
Deficiency of cholesterol in the human body can cause the emergence and development of one of the following diseases.
1 obesity or, conversely, dystrophy. With decreasing the amount of cholesterol in the body decreases the ability to assimilate fat and fat-soluble vitamins. As a result, fats or completely eliminated from the body in the stool, or else are stored as body fat.

2 Chronic emotional mental disorders such as deep prolonged depression and anxiety. Disrupted the formation of certain hormones, including responsibility for dealing with stress.
3 Decreased libido (sexual dysfunction up to impotence) and a decrease in sexual interest, desire. Arise from the violation of the formation of some sex hormones, which involved the creation of cholesterol.
4 Infertility. His appearance probably due to a deficiency of vitamin D, is converted from sunlight falling on the skin or by mastering it as part of fat.
5 Diabetes.
6 Osteoporosis.
7 Disorders of the stomach and bowel malfunctions due to its increased permeability. Due to the lack of sufficient amounts of cholesterol, previously protected them the intestinal wall, become hypersensitive to external impact and damage.