Reasons For Lowering Blood Cholesterol Levels

Reasons for lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, unfortunately, to date, are not fully investigated and studied topic in medicine. Perhaps this is due to relatively small relative to the amount of recorded hypercholesterolemia patients. However, underestimate the possible consequences of this phenomenon is not necessary, as they do not promise you anything good and are neither in the droplet is easier and safer than the effects of high cholesterol.
Modern medicine suggests the possibility be considered as reasons for reducing cholesterol levels are as follows:

1 Chronic or prolonged stress. For example, statistics show that very often hypocholesterolemia found in marathoners-athletes experiencing pretty intense and prolonged physical stress, as well as among people whose occupations are associated with an increased level of responsibility (military, lawyers, teachers sometimes).
2 Meals characterized excess sugar in the diet and lack of fat.
3 Diseases of the liver. Since the vast majority of cholesterol produced by this body, it is natural that it impaired functioning can lead to a lowering of cholesterol levels.
4 hereditary factor.
5 Starvation and malnutrition.
6 problems (diseases) in the organs of the digestive system, leading to poor assimilation of food.
7 Increased activity of the thyroid gland.
8 poisoning by heavy metals.
The list of reasons today is not intended to be exhaustive.