Reasons For The Increase Of Blood Cholesterol

In 80% of cases the causes of elevated cholesterol levels in the blood depend directly on the patient. However, because of its weakness and unwillingness to deal with disabilities or addictions, we hereby voluntarily put ourselves at risk for development of hypercholesterolemia. What exactly habits and symptoms should promptly pay attention to in the future, they still did not cause the increase of cholesterol.
Primarily it – being overweight. Two or three kilos unlikely problem for you. But if your weight exceeds the permitted limit by more than 15%, it is worth thinking about diet and other measures (eg, sports), slimming.

Cause of hypercholesterolemia can become irrational and unbalanced diet. To overcome this problem, we should not have that horrible. Reduce your consumption of fatty foods. Prefer natural products, steamed, by cooking, saut̩ing or baking. Regularly eat raw fruits and vegetables, drink natural juices. If you are faced with the question of what to prefer Рsausage or meat in French, select meat. It is not necessary to eat foods with a high content of chemicals, stabilizers, preservatives, and other things.
Bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse also increases the risk of disease.
The reasons include increased cholesterol and decreased physical activity.
Among the reasons for which you yourself can not affect genetic predisposition, some diseases of the kidneys, liver and pancreas.