Symptoms Of High Cholesterol

Early symptoms of high cholesterol in external examination, the patient is not possible to install, they are only visible in the biochemical study of blood. At a later period, the patient may appear yellowish spots on the skin, often located on the eyelids.
But the symptoms of high cholesterol in the form of running is not even seen a specialist. This is because the high content of this component in the blood leads to the degeneration of the vessels – atherosclerosis. And because the detection of the presence of atherosclerotic changes in the body, the patient is required to prescribe appropriate tests to establish the level of cholesterol in the blood.

As a result of destructive changes in the blood vessels and arteries, symptoms of high cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia) can be:
- Angina. To her appearance causes blockage of the coronary arteries. Angina is characterized by dull pain behind the sternum, which is given in the left shoulder, neck and lower jaw. Have pain on exertion and tested about 15 minutes after its termination.
- Reduce health muscles of the lower extremities. Narrowing of the arteries due to the appearance of fatty plaques on their walls leads to fatigue of walking and pain in the legs.
- Rupture of blood vessels.
- Aortic Aneurysm. Assuming the constant blood flow with a high velocity, which is complicated by the presence of fatty plaques, the aorta is stretched, its walls become thinner and prone to rupture. In case of rupture of internal bleeding occurs, usually ending with a fatal outcome for the patient.
- Heart failure.
- Diseases of the carotid arteries. Since education all the same fatty plaques in the arteries, cerebral blood flow is disturbed.