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Reduction Of Blood Cholesterol Content Without Any Drugs

Everybody knows about danger of raised blood cholesterol content. To reduce its level is a dream of many people. Special medicines are too expensive, they have side effects, the result of their reception is often worse than it was expected. Patients suffering of atherosclerosis can apply simple and checked time-proved methods which even will give a person some pleasure.

It is possible to increase the level of “good” and to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol by means of an exercise stress. Physical exercises reduce a predilection of arteries to form cholesterol plaques. The blood is cleared from the excessive fat supplied by food. When fats aren’t stay for a long time in blood vessels, they have no chances to be deposited on walls.

The most useful exercise for prevention of atherosclerosis is jogging. It rapidly clears arteries from excessive fat. But ordinary physical work in the open air is also very useful. Even the gymnastics and dances bring benefit for atherosclerosis patients, and cheering up bringing them feeling of pleasure and happiness.

Diet is also an important component of fight against atherosclerosis. The daily use of several cups of qualitative green tea reduces the content of blood cholesterol on15%. Tea contains special substances – flavonoids which strengthen vascular capillaries, reduce the content of harmful lipids.

For a long time juice therapy has been applied to reduce the level of cholesterol without any drugs. Dietarians incidentally found its ability to reduce the content of fats in blood. They prescribe to take combinations: carrot juice with cucumber and beet, and celery juice.