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Modern Devices For Cholesterol Measurement

Modern cholesterol meters are portable, convenient, differ in high precision. Results of analysis are got quicly; data remain in the built-in memory of the device. It is possible to analyze dynamics of disease and to change the scheme of treatment, considering biochemical changes in blood.

Measurement of cholesterol at home conditions is very convenient. It isn’t necessary to address for prescription to the therapist, to visit polyclinic and to take a blood test from a vein for analysis.

Function of cholesterol level measurement is provided in many models of glucometer well familiar to diabetics.

We will consider the most popular and exact devices:

- Multipurpose portable system of “Easy Made”. It operates on the basis of an electrochemical method of measurement. The minimum quantity of blood is used. Level of cholesterol is known in 120 seconds. Also the content of glucose (the result is ready for 5 seconds later) and urinary acid is measured.

- The analyzer “Easy Touch” controls the level of cholesterol, glucose, hemoglobin. Results are ready in some seconds, blood sampling minimum.

- Biochemical analyzer “Accutrend Plus” of German production. It defines glucose, lactate, triglycerides, low density lipoproteins, cholesterol. Operation is based on the analysis of light reflected from test strips. The device is equipped with big enough liquid crystal display.

- Portable “Multi Care” express-analyzer carries out measurements of cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucoses. The device has a big enough display, memory can store 500 measurements. Results can be transferred to the computer.