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Abdominal Aorta Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis of aorta abdominal region arises among the first complications of increased cholesterol level in an organism. Danger of disease is that at initial stages it is practically not distinguished, complaints of the patient are absent. When the state worsens there is an abdominal pain of various intensity that depends on the volume of vessels lesion. There is a feeling of gravity and dyspepsia:  appetite loss, excessive flatulency, weight loss.

Development of abdominal aorta atherosclerosis leads to more terrible complications. The most dangerous is aneurysm. This is a uniform bottle-shaped expansion of whole vessel with a thinning of its walls or local “protruding” aorta wall.

Such patients have nagging pains in stomach; they are localized in the left half of stomach or near umbilicus, sometimes in loin, seldom inguinal area. Pains begin from attack-like usually right after meal, then in two-three hours stop without assistance.

Feeling of pulsation in stomach is a one more diagnostic criterion. Pulsation is stronger than normal, and is followed by feeling of a overflow. Aneurisms are annually enlarged by 5 mm, also they are dangerous with rupture bringing in many cases to lethal outcome.

Inabdominal aorta atherosclerosis treatment statins are applied and preparations of nicotinic acid, fibrates. Besides the basic treatment antioxidants, estrogens, antagonists of calcium are widely used.