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Cerebral Atherosclerosis

Blood vessels atherosclerosis is a dangerous and widespread complication of increased cholesterol level. At emergence of its first symptoms it is necessary to begin full treatment immediately. Perhaps, a surgical intervention will be required.

Vessels intima of brain is damaged. Round sclerotic plaques the connecting tissue expands, on vessel walls calcium salts accumulate that leads to narrowing of clearance which can “be overgrown” completely.

Cerebral atherosclerosis is shown by changes in mentality of person. Working capacity drops, fatigability grows. Hyper excitability is a result of disease. Cerebral atherosclerosis is a main reason of sleeplessness in the night and daytime sleepiness.

At slow progress of cerebral atherosclerosis giddiness accrues, there are exhausting headaches, sweating and face reddening, flicker of points before eyes, tinnitus, gait with slight lameness. Sometimes the absurdity features of character become aggravated: diligence turns into greediness, accuracy turns into a pedantry, pride develops into egoism.

Memory disorder is very specific to this disease. Events of recent time are forgotten generally, and long ago passed the patient remembers to the smallest details but can tell what happened many years ago or in his childhood.

In combination with a hypertonia atherosclerosis can cause a cerebral hemorrage, paralysis that can lead the patient to death.