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Sexual Disorders And Cholesterol

The human body has such a construction that if something starts going wrong in it in some time everything gradually goes wrong.

 The same can be said about cholesterol in a blood. At the increased content of cholesterol not only blood vessels suffer. Vessels feed with oxygen all organism and influence on all organs. Including genitals.

Influence of cholesterol on human sexual health is well investigated. The level of this substance influences on female sexuality. The more cholesterol, the more weak sexuality is. High level of cholesterol is harmful not only to women. Rising of its contents in blood can cause an erectile dysfunction for men. It isn’t strange at all; genitals are supplied with blood, as well as all other systems through blood system vessels. When vessels “are clogged” with cholesterol, blood flows in them more slowly, genitals are supplied worse with it and, as a result, “work” worse.

32% of patients suffering from sexual disorders have the increased content of cholesterol in blood. At that, psychological aspects of libido actually are not changed. But physical sexual capacities of these patients are considerably depressed. For sexuality increase physicians recommend to apply nutritional supplements or medicines which reduce production of cholesterol by organism, keep a healthy lifestyle, go in for sports. You’re your sexual life will be full and deep.