The Role Of Cholesterol In The Human Body

And rise, and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood are sufficiently serious diseases. This was a lot of writing in medical textbooks and journals. However, the presence of cholesterol in the blood, allegedly physicians simply vital for its full existence. But what is useful cholesterol man, and what functions it performs?
1 Cholesterol is involved in the creation of cell membranes that can protect the cell from external negative impacts and, therefore, responsible for the cell’s ability to survive.
2 Adjusts the discerning ability of the cell membrane to various substances.

3 takes part in the exchange of vitamins in the first place – the fat-soluble.
4 Cholesterol – one of the main components for the process of synthesis of sex hormones and adrenal hormones.
5 is a part of the protective membranes covering the nerve fibers.
6 takes part in the formation of liver fatty acids that help the body digest fatty foods.
7 Participates in the bile.
8 Protects red blood cells from the damaging effects of harmful toxins.
9 Activates the process of converting sunlight perceived by the body of skin into vitamin D.
10 to normalize the activity of serotonin receptors, helping us to feel a sense of satisfaction and positive mood.
Thus, cholesterol is used by the body for normal functioning of a wide variety of systems and is a vital element in human blood, but the increase or decrease in its content entails the failure of these systems and the organism as a whole.