The Symptoms Of Reduced Blood Cholesterol

Independent determination of lowering cholesterol in the blood, as well as its increase is not possible. In order to establish this disease must pass a series of laboratory tests, including general clinical and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis, blood on the content of HDL and LDL.
Externally visible changes on the skin and mucous membranes of the body of the patient is not observed.
However, summarizing the data from medical practice and scientific and practical research scientists from leading universities in the world of medicine in the medical field, we conclude that some common symptoms hypocholesterolemia highlight everything is still possible. These include:

- Muscle weakness;
- Swelling of the lymph nodes;
- Reduced or no appetite;
- Reduction of body reflexes (occurs because broken protective myelin sheath of nerve fibers produced cholesterol);
- Frequent or prolonged depression, on the other hand, sudden aggression;
- A decrease in sexual desire (as cholesterol is involved in the appearance of the sex hormones, it leads to a decrease in sexual passivity);
- Steatorrhea (fatty, oily feces appear during bowel movements due to digestive disorders – fats and cholesterol Depleted they can not be digested, but simply removed from the body).
Also note that people suffering from reduced cholesterol levels, usually not related to overweight people. Moreover, often marked weight loss (degeneration) of said patients.