Traditional Treatment Of Cholesterol-Lowering

Hypocholesterolemia is a pretty serious illness. Its effects are often underestimated because of opposition dangerous cholesterol increased. However, the lack of adequate treatment of this disease may lead to the emergence and development of a number of other illnesses, and in very advanced forms even death.
After a diagnosis of endocrinologists will be made step by step plan of treatment depending on the cause, provoking the fall of cholesterol.
We emphasize that the treatment of the disease is not only against his symptoms and improve blood cholesterol levels, and is directed, first of all, to cure the primary disease or pathology that caused the hypocholesterolemia.

Therefore, the first stage of the treatment can be carried out not only by the doctor-endocrinologist, but the therapist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, etc.
Along with this, if not to the contraindications, patients were administered drugs that increase blood cholesterol. As a rule, are drugs which are composed of various polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) vitamins. Such drugs must be purchased by patients only by prescription and only after prior consultation with him.
You should always take care of their way of life. Fully, and it is desirable to eat of regime, abandoning bad habits, do sports exercises, try to avoid stressful situations.